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October 2003 - Chicago-based sound rental company Gand Concert Sound has changed its company credo on power amps since purchasing CAMCO Vortex 6 units to power its new Nexo GEO tangent array system.

''As far as amps go, we had a rule at Gand Concert Sound 'Heavier is better','' explains proprietor Gary Gand. ''We never heard a lightweight amp that had guts, power, and simplicity in one package. Pick two, but never all three. CAMCO changed all that. These amps have unbelievably gutsy sound (bass down to your toes), 6000 watts (headroom to spare) and require no tools to clean or special set-up mumbo jumbo. Plug 'em in, turn 'em on, crank 'em up!''

Gand Concert Sound first used its new NEXO/CAMCO rig at the annual ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) Youth Gathering. The Gathering runs over 2 weeks at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, an 80,000-capacity venue. ''At the ELCA event, I was really surprised at how cool (temperature) the amps ran. During a massive metal attack from the band Audio Adrenaline, the amps were room temperature! Even at 1/3 idle, when most amps really cook, they were cool to the touch. 'Thermal shutdown' is no longer on our check list,'' says Gand.

With 25-plus years of experience as a sound rental operator, Gand is keenly aware of the other commercial advantages of his new system. ''Another benefit is that we now have a '5 pack rack' of 30,000 watts which weighs the same as a pair of wedge monitors! We can load them on top of the heavy cable trunks instead of always having to put amps on the deck.''

Gand Concert Sound has already used its CAMCO-powered NEXO GEO T system on some high-profile events, indoors and outdoors, and Gary Gand is impressed with his new purchase. ''The Vortex V6 has a wonderful personality. It requires no special attention. It doesn't squeak or squawk. It doesn't hum along with the show. It doesn't require any special power. It stays cool under pressure. It doesn't bite you going in and out of a rack. It is not a diva. The V6 is our friend. Name another amp that you can say that about.......''

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