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August 2005 - MK Light Sound in Slovenia has invested in CAMCO Vortex, together with a new NEXO GEO S system, and was quick to show off its new purchase at the evening gala party for the NATO spring assembly.

With NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, 300 parliamentarians from all over the world, and 900 other guests, the event was held at Llubljana's VIBA film studios and featured a live orchestra, classical soloists and circus performers. Entirely powered by CAMCO Vortex amplifiers, the GEO S sound reinforcement system was managed by NEXO NX242 processors. The brief required 360 degrees of coverage, so some of MK's existing PS10 inventory was used to provide coverage for the area behind the stage after the concert, mostly for background music.

Working with Francis Williams of WMA, MK chose CAMCO Vortex 6 for the GEO S tangent-array system, and Vortex V200 amplifiers for the additional CD18 subbass bins. According to MK's Dean Karov, the result is so good that ''everyone in Slovenia is talking about it.''

For further information:
Dean Karov
MK Light Sound d.o.o., Ljubljana
Tel: +386(0)18963112