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August 2005 - From 1 August 2005, Ashly Audio is stepping into the role of North American importer and distributor of CAMCO amplifier products, offering a single comprehensive catalogue of amplification and signal processing products, backed by an adventurous approach to technological innovation. The CAMCO range of power amplifiers and networkable DSP products dovetails comfortably into the Ashly Audio portfolio.

With more than thirty years of history, Ashly Audio Inc. is recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacturing of quality signal processing equipment and power amplification for use in the commercial sound contracting and professional audio markets. In Germany, CAMCO GmbH has been making amplifiers since1983, and has become an influential player at the highest level of professional touring and installed sound, one of the first developers to advocate and implement Ethernet control using standard devices.

CAMCO International Sales Director Mick Anderson praises the enthusiasm of the Ashly Audio team, led by CEO Dave Parse. ''This is the first time Ashly has taken on representation of a third-party product line,'' says Anderson, ''and there are many reasons why it is such a mutually beneficial arrangement. Not only does Ashly Audio have an excellent skills base, but it also has a philosophy which truly interlocks with CAMCO's own. On a practical level, Ashly has a strong presence in the sound contracting market, and the tools to expand it using elements of the CAMCO range: in turn, top-end products like CAMCO's Vortex Series high-power pro amplifiers will provide Ashly's sales network with access to new markets in professional touring.''

Ashly Audio CEO Dave Parse continues: ''I am thrilled that Ashly has the opportunity to increase its level of involvement with a company of such high caliber. With this new exclusive United States distribution agreement with CAMCO, Ashly will be able to effectively expand CAMCO's presence in the professional sound marketplace.''

Ashly Audio will present the CAMCO range for the first time at the fall AES in New York City, October 7-10.

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