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May 2005 - 360,000 spectators made their way to Obserstdorf (AllgĄu, Germany) for the 2005 Nordic World Ski Championship. They filled the Schanzenstadion and the Langlaufstadion outdoor arenas, enjoying the combination of sunshine and plenty of snow.

Such a large event had to be served by an alliance of sound and lighting companies, under the production management of Bestvent, providing technical services for two stadiums, a 7.5km cross-country route, the victory ceremony stage, the Show-Stage, press centre, and a Gala. The Immenstadt-based companies Art of Lights and Harmonic Sound worked together closely to design and install the audio and lighting systems.

Harmonic Sound chose NEXO GEO S as the event's main full-range cabinet, supplemented in places by d&b Q Series boxes, or by a variety of speakers from NEXO's PS Series. The largest array system was set up in the main Schanzenstadion ski-jumping arena, featuring CAMCO Vortex-powered GEO S arrays, up to 12 cabinets in length. In the Langlaufstadion, the sound system comprised 27x NEXO full-range PS 15 cabinets.

Elsewhere in Obserstdorf, NEXO PA systems could be found in the Nordic Park Bülme, in the main press centre, and even in the main race office. Systems were custom-designed for each different location, a demanding task for Harmonic Sound's Christian Heckmair and Carsten Lang. ''We had to install a new system for the ski jump, required to work precisely over a distance of about 100 m. Over such a distance, each degree plays an important role, which is why we wanted the dispersion characteristics of the NEXO GEO S.''

NEXO's GEO S-805 makes it easy to assemble precisely shaded curved vertical arrays with SPL that can decreases from -3dB to -6dB per doubling distance over the entire audio frequency range. System designers can control the curvature shading of a coherent, isobaric line by setting the angles between the cabinets when designing the array: NEXO software accurately predicts the results for a variety of line lengths, curvature angles and audience slopes.

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