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April 2005 - CAMCO's new TECTON amps have made their way to the Scottish capital, and into Cargo, a new concept music bar/bistro, which has been opened in the regenerated Fountainbridge area of Edinburgh Quay in Scotland at a cost of ú1.4m.

Cargo's spectacular views of the city's canal can be enjoyed from two large open-plan concrete-floored spaces, linked by a stairway and encased in glass. Not surprisingly, this design posed acoustic problems for installers Graeme Anderson and Mike McGuigan of Dynamic Productions Ltd, who had to tame what was essentially a live room.

Dynamic Productions has flown quantities of PS10s (12 upstairs, 10 below), with four PS8s and four LS500 subs in both areas as part of a complete sound, lighting and multimedia package. Principally designed into a two-zone system, the PA derives its power from nine CAMCO Tecton ampliers. While seven 24.4 (2400W W/4 ohms) amplifiers are assigned to the PS10's, the installers have used 28.2s (optimised for 2-ohm loads) on the LS-500 subs, which are flown. Each floor can operate independently, or the sound sources - derived from MP3, CD and DJ playback, and satellite TV - can be switched.

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