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February 2005 - Umbaba is a new and exclusive club venue in London's West End, which has opened with a most unusual sound system The club's PA features high-end ATC transparent reference monitors, and CAMCO Vortex 3 amplifiers, specified by acoustician Nick Whitaker.

The 499-capacity basement venue is using flown, full-range, active 3-way cabs, a development of ATC's SCM150ASL active studio monitors - with passive subs installed into the club's seating areas. These are driven by ATC's 3-channel amp pack, but two CAMCO Vortex 3 Quadro four-channel amplifiers, providing 8 channels of 750W power, are used to drive the subs. The subs are all 15in ported designs, downward firing to enable ATC to fit them into the banquette seating found in the club.

"We wanted hi-fi quality but with an element of coarseness, and what ATC have done brilliantly is establish a balance between the two," says owner Jeremy Hartley. "When you leave the club you do so without any ringing in your ears. The rumble from the subs through the banquette seating is particularly popular with our customers."

At Umbaba, Nick Whitaker has programmed two BSS Soundweb 9088 DSP controller for optimum performance. The full-range cabs run wide-band, with just marginal bottom end roll- off (high pass at around 60Hz). Once again, the subs reinforce the bottom end up to about 100Hz.

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