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February 2005 - German PA specialists Babbel & Haeger has completed a most perplexing sound reinforcement challenge, building a unique 'walk-in' sound stage for a presentation in Cologne, in cooperation with broadcaster Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR).

SoundART was a singular exhibition held in the studios of WDR, intended to provide the public with real three-dimensional experience of some of the most notable compositions in electronic sound. The legendary studios at WDR have, for many decades, been dedicated to sound art and experimental music, work that has been broadcast, recorded or presented just as 'Acoustic Art'.

Babbel & Haeger was charged with the technical task of realising a sound installation that could faithfully reproduce the most advanced of these compositions. The design employed 12x tripod-mounted NEXO PS15 full-range speaker cabinets, set up in a circle in a 15m x 15m room, with an additional PS15 unit in the centre of the room, above the circle, providing a 'sound shower'. Two NEXO LS1200 subs provided LF support. All loudspeakers could be driven individually or in combination to meet the demands of 2-, 4-, 8-, 12- or 5.1 channel productions.

The production was mixed on a large Midas console, distributing multitrack matrix feeds to the NEXO loudspeakers. 'Many of these pieces date back to the 1950s,'' says Uwe Haeger, one of the two managing directors of Babbel & Haeger, ''so some of the performance instructions were lost until we put this show together and worked them out again. The NEXO PS cabinets sounded very natural, even if it was an unconventional set-up. It turned out to be a very successful event.''

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