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January 2005 - Legendary Spanish tenor Josā Carreras celebrated the 10th anniversary of his charity, the Josā Carrera Foundation, with a musical gala in Leipzig, Germany. Berlin-based event services company Artecom GmbH supplied a CAMCO-powered NEXO GEO sound reinforcement system for the show.

Guest artists included Udo Jürgens, Jon Lord und Frida, Eric Burdon, Chris de Burgh, Rosenstolz, Piero Mazzocchetti & Anna Maria Kaufmann, Erkan Aki, Dirk Michaelis, Wonderwall, Liel, Michael Kleitman, Starlight Express, Matthias Reim, David Knopfler & Jule Neigel and Hansi Hinterseer. The show was broadcast live on German TV (ARD).

This is not the first time that Artecom GmbH has provided sound systems for the Jgala, having worked with the event in its early years. For the 2004 event, dealing with a 60m wide stage, the Artecom team provided two centre clusters of NEXO GEO S, with flown CD12 subbass units augmented by CD18s on the stage below. Three further clusters of GEO S worked as delays. CAMCO Vortex 6 and DX48 amplifiers powered the system.

An INNOVASON SY80, complemented by a 48-channel YAMAHA PM3500, was used for front-of-house control. All on-stage monitoring was handled by NEXO PS15 and PS 10 speakers, powered by CAMCO amplifiers DL3000, and mixed on a Midas XL3.

17 years ago, Carreras contracted leukamia himself. Successfully treated, he now helps fund research into the illness through the Josā Carreras Foundation. In ten years of holding the annual Benefit Gala, the Foundation has raised over 50 million Euro.

CAMCO's best-selling flagship product, Vortex is a high power amplifier featuring exceptionally high efficiency, enormous power (6.000 watts mono into 4 ohms) and the use of micro-controllers to digitally control and monitor all functions and thus ensure first-class audio quality. A mere 2 units in height, it boasts a variety of innovative features: power transistor control with emergency shutdown in case of extreme malfunctions, reliable overvoltage protection up to 400V, thermal protective circuitry for the transistors, hum free operation in case of extreme undervoltage (instead of sound-deteriorating limiters). All in a 12Kg package.

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