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December 2004 - In the architecturally impressive Grand Hall of the Pforzheim Congress Centrum, near Stuttgart, a major sound reinforcement installation has been completed. The 2000-capacity auditorium has been equipped with a new NEXO GEO S tangent-array system, supplied by NEXO's German distributors CAMCO GmbH.

The Grand Hall is an extremely versatile auditorium. It has to be. It hosts all kinds of events, from chamber music to rock concerts, from large meetings to trade fairs. It offers maximum flexibility in terms of its size and layout arrangements, as well as four different stage designs, and the very latest in technical equipment. The final challenge was to find the best sound reinforcement system, one which would suit the auditorium in all of its many configurations.

The task of specifying such a system was given to the well-known Bischofsheim engineering company IFB, who set up a competitive shoot-out between different types of loudspeakers before making a final selection. All NEXO equipment, including NX241 processors and flying hardware, was supplied by CAMCO, and installation was carried by KKSL from GroŠ-Gerau. Managing director Bruno LĒhmann explains the selection criteria.

''After the shoot-out, we chose the NEXO GEO S line array as the winner, because the system achieved by far the best-sounding results, and we were extremely impressed by its very even sound distribution. In addition, the GEO S system offered unrivalled flexibility because of the horizontal and vertical coverage, which allows us to get the results we want using fewer loudspeakers. This gives us an excellent price: performance ratio.''

The system installed by KKSL features a loudspeaker array on either side of the stage area, each with 8x GEO S805s and 2x S830 cabinets. Two further S830 speakers are installed in the rear ceiling for nearfield monitoring, and two NEXO PS8 compact full-range speakers are used for the peripheral area. The main system is switchable into different configurations to suit the hall's different layouts, so that fewer loudspeakers are in use when the hall requires low-level sound output, or the entire system is in use when the hall is hosting a major event.

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