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December 2004 - The prestigious new Convention Centre of Bordeaux has chosen to install CAMCO amplifiers with NEXO loudspeakers in its two largest auditoria.

The new high-tech Centre in southwest France houses 3 auditoriums, 10 conference rooms, numerous offices facilities as well as press rooms and a panoramic bar. With a brief to install the very latest in communication technology, sound installation contractor AUDIOMASTER set the technical requirements at the highest level.

The largest of the three auditoriums, which has seating capacity for nearly 1400 people, has been equipped with a NEXO GEO S tangent array system, comprising two arrays each with 10x GEO S805 compact full-range cabinets, and 2x GEO S830 at the bottom of each hang. 4x CD12 hypercardioid subbass cabinets have been added for the subbass frequencies, two cabinets are flown behind each array. The whole system is powered by 6x CAMCO Vortex 4 amplifiers.

The second auditorium, which has the capacity for 360 people, is equipped with NEXO's PS15 full-range cabinets, and LS1200 subwoofers, powered by 2x CAMCO Vortex 4 amplifiers.

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