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July 2004 - British PA company SSE Hire has substantially increased its inventory of CAMCO power amplifiers, with the purchase of more than 100x Vortex V6 and 32x Tecton 32.4 models.

John Penn of SSE Hire confirms that the amplifiers are not for any tour in particular, although CAMCO is present on virtually all of the productions that are being supplied by SSE in their busiest summer to date. The list includes Nelly Furtado, Metallica, Glastonbury and many other festivals, Ben Harper, Stomp and 'Top of the Pops'.

''We've built ten sub amp racks to support our NEXO GEO systems,'' lists Penn, ''which use 50 Vortex units. The Tecton amplifiers will be used with our proprietary monitor systems, for example on 'Top of the Pops' (music magazine programme for BBC Television) where we are upgrading from old Crown models.

''With the Vortex, you can put any load you like on it and it won't bat an eyelid, also it has the slots available to take CAMCO's WinCai remote control system. The networking and remote control options aren't there on the Tecton, but for applications like monitoring, you don't need it. Additionally, our Sales division is seeing lots of potential for the Tecton designs in fixed installations. The more we buy of these new Tecton units, the more applications we keep finding for them.''

Paul Ward, Sales Director at Fuzion, CAMCO's UK distributor, explains that ''the Tecton Series has been optimised to work in either 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm load requirements. Whilst offering similar power output figures to some Vortex models, the Tecton Series offer an attractive and cost-effective package for applications where requirements are fixed but which do not require the flexibility of CAMCO's all-singing all-dancing Vortex.''

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