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News CAMCO goes to the theatre
October 2010 - The Czech Republic city of Zlin is well-known for its governmental, social and cultural connections, and for its prestigious City Theatre, which has just installed a CAMCO-powered front-of-house PA system that maximises EtherSound network functionality.

Installation company MUSICDATA was asked to take on the project, starting with the specification of a system that would work for all the theatre's productions, from amplified drama to musicals to live bands.

The extensive reconstruction of the PA system in the main auditorium began with the specification of a line array system. Three cardioid subbass cabinets were also flown each side of the stage. For productions needing more SPL, the system has been enhanced with frontfills and additional subs.

The system is powered by CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers, a favoured choice of MUSICDATA because of their excellent sound and quality which is supported by a 6-year warranty. CAMCO's new D-POWER amps sit in a separate mobile rack serving the frontfill / sub bass. The D-POWER units were chosen not only because of their high performance but also because the extremely light weight of these amplifiers is a big advantage in this situation.

The theatre's technicians have been using an Innovason SY48 digital console with an EtherSound stagebox for three years. The advantages and quality of Ethersound are well-appreciated in Zlin, so they were keen to add the new PA system to the network. Auvitran's AVM500-ES network matrix was specified, providing routing for 320x320 audio channels and enabling bidirectional star architecture in the system.

The whole PA system can be controlled from the sound engineer's position. Signal is converted from analogue on the stage, using high-quality converters: it reaches the Vortex amplifiers on the EtherSound network without any further conversions so there is no loss of quality.