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News CAMCO releases new "Silver Series V8" @ Prolight + Sound show Frankfurt
March 2010 - The ProLight+Sound Show in Frankfurt saw the world debut of CAMCO's new V8 high-performance Class H amplifer, delivering 8800 Watts of power whether in 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm mode. The first of three planned additions to the celebrated CAMCO Vortex Series, the V8 shows off a new design aesthetic and streamlined user interface.

The most noticeable feature is the absence of any control knobs or switches, front or back. In this brand-new format, the control of all parameters is via screen display and gain sliders. Such a clean and practical approach reduces wear and tear factors on moving parts, not to mention developing a more progressive approach to function and form.

"The new V8 is much beefier than its distinguished stablemate the Vortex 6, because the industry across-the-board is asking for more power from its amplifiers," explains CAMCO International Sales Director Mick Anderson. "This unit will give you 4400 watts of peak power per channel whether you use 2 Ohm or 4 Ohm mode; being able to sustain the same power output regardless of load means you can save on amp rack patching." V8's flexibility also extends to intelligent input routing; the signal path is direct from input to output bypassing any unnecessary A to D conversions. Because the network input is linked direct to the amplifier channel, you can choose to run the system full in the analogue or digital domain.

CAMCO's new V8 is suitable to all market sectors where high power output is required, and in particular to concert sound applications. With Hybrid Class H output stage topology and advanced SMPS designs, the V8 offers CAMCO's trademark levels of power and sonic integrity at a surprisingly cost-effective price.

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