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News New distribution strategy for CAMCO, in Italy
July 2009 - CAMCO GmbH is redesigning its international export strategy in Italy, electing to work with a network of partners, rather than a single distribution source. Joint Rent S.A.S. has been appointed as CAMCO's new first Premium Partner.

As the Premium Partner for Italy, Joint Rent, based in Ravenna, will be responsible for the appointment of a network of representatives. Together with these new Partners, Joint Rent will seek to enhance and expand business and supply services between CAMCO and its end-users.

According to Gianni Fantini of Joint Rent, "the new arrangement will allow CAMCO to be more visible in the Italian market. This is one of the top five amplifier brands in the world, and the new products coming out of the company today have the same hallmarks of quality and value as those of 20 years ago. Joint Rent has sold many CAMCO amplifiers over the years, and used many more in the concert environment; we hope to pass the benefits of this continuity onto our Partners and customers."

Joint Rent has already appointed its first Partners across Italy.
Sonora Service: Liguria, Piemonte, Toscana and Valle D'Aosta
Iper Audio: Lazio
New York Music Centre: Lombardia
Music Mania: Sardinia
Sound Tech: Puglia
Audio 5: Campania

Mick Anderson is the Export Sales Director for CAMCO and the architect of the new Premium Partner Program. "With Joint Rent heading up a local network, it will allow us to develop our business in a way that is specifically tailored to the Italian market, where the single centralised model hasn't been successful since the Romans! However, we will be implementing this new policy in other countries in time because it gives us greater flexibility in business terms, which is important for projects with long lead times, and enables us to be more supportive of our customers."

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Mick Anderson
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