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News CAMCO Amplifiers Rock Times Square
June 2009 - More than 160 CAMCO amplifiers provide over 600,000 Watts of power to create the world's highest-powered ceiling speaker installation. All these Tecton amps have solved the unique technical challenge presented by the world's longest LED screen, now to be found in a shopping mega-mall in eastern China.

The newly-opened Harmony Times Square in Suzhou, just 80km from Shanghai, is one of the most impressive shopping malls in China, including not only the country's largest single department store but a world-leading technological innovation. Instead of a roof, the Sky Mall has a ceiling made out of LED which, at 500 metres in length, holds the record as the longest LED screen in the world.

The Sky Mall is a landmark retail project, even by China's standards, housing 350,000 sq. metres of shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. Transforming this Mall is the massive overhead LED, cleverly programmed by Keyframe, with all sorts of surprises from blue sky with clouds, to a piano keyboard, to an aerial invasion by alien spaceships! Costing hundreds of millions of RMB, the Skyscreen's record-breaking length created a challenge for the designers of the 3D sound image reinforcement system, which has to synchronise perfectly with the images on the screen across 500 metres.

More than 160 CAMCO Tecton Series 38.4 amplifiers, using CAMCO's proprietary CAI (Camco Amplifier Interface) audio management system, are used to power Renkus-Heinz loudspeakers, ceiling-mounted along the Sky Mall. The large quantity of channels in the sound reinforcement system requires local adjustment of the signal processing, according to each speaker's location; this becomes a simple job as all CAMCO amplifiers are configured with advanced UCA controller-modules, which convert them into a complete loudspeaker management system.

This upgrade enables parametric EQs, signal level automatic compression, dynamic process, crossover, delay, routing distribution and other processing functions. No other complex digital audio processors are needed as the UCA modules already satisfy the requirements of loudspeaker crossover and timbre adjustment. Each module also handles network transmission interface and network control functions.

The longest distance between speakers is 230 metres. Normally, in such circumstances, power can be wasted, and there can be degradation of tone in the signal transmission. But any CAMCO amplifier can easily switch between application and speaker setup, thanks to its unique power regime. This consists of an extensive power reservoir, offering stability down to 1 Ohm loads.

CAMCO amplifiers are known for their total precision and transparency, exceptional low distortion values and excellent signal to noise ratio. The TECTON models are microprocessor-controlled, even the gain setting is digitally-controlled, which extends their ability to run at extremely low impedances.

System management is handled by CISUS software, CAI audio network control software specially designed by CAMCO. CAI is a cost-efficient solution that handles all the amplifiers settings and status readings through a RJ11 connector. The CISUS software can get access to the amplifiers and read out relative data display on the front plate, such as Signal, Clip and Protect. Additionally the amplifier's mute function is also available. CISUS can also provide peak meter readouts of the output stage's voltage and current as well as dynamic readout of the amplifier's temperature. And the advanced FIR filter setting is a unique function of this software, which allows the build up of FIR settings for speaker parameters downloaded from any well-known testing system. This enables the standardisation of any speaker or speaker system in the same frequency and phase response.

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