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News CAMCO networks multi-purpose sports arena
February 2009 - German sound designers Sound Linear have chosen CAMCO Tecton amps, UCAs and EtherCai remote control for a substantial public address system in the 15,000 capacity multi-use Paragon Arena in Paderborn.

Home to the SC Paderborn 07 football team, the Paragon Arena has capacity for 15,000 visitors in covered grandstands. As well as football matches, the venue accommodates other sporting and cultural events.

Local sound specialists Sound Linear were asked to specify a sound system that would offer an excellent cost:performance ratio, providing high-quality reinforcement for the announcements and music, as well as the advertising intros which are routinely played during events. In addition, the PA had to match the prevailing standards for evacuation systems, and was therefore designed with full redundancy, e. g. a-b-cabling and EtherSound ring topology.

Karl-Heinz Hogrefe from Sound Linear worked closely with the engineers at CAMCO GmbH to prepare simulations for the arena grandstands, which called for a variety of loudspeaker cabinets from NEXO's PS Series, powered by CAMCO's Tecton amplifiers, most of them upgraded for remote control.

40x NEXO PS15s are evenly mounted on the roof girders, and 8x NEXO Alpha-EM top boxes are flown alongside them, facing the field. The VIP area of the Arena is equipped with 18x PS8 compact cabinets, and a mobile PS10 PA system has been provided for press conferences.

The signal distribution is accomplished via an Ethersound ES-100 network, consisting of an 8-channel Auvitran llanalog EtherSound converter, Auvitran AVM500-ES digital matrix and CAMCO Tecton amps with EtherSound inputs. The monitoring of this ring, including two lines with fiber-optic converters, uses a modification of the AVM500-ES by the CAMCO CISUS system, whereby any disturbance on the ring can be displayed.

The low impedance distances between amps and loudspeakers are covered with impedance monitoring by CAMCO's UCA (Universal Controller Amp). Every centre amp is monitored by its own EtherCAI-Box which communicate with each other. If there is a breakdown somewhere in the system e.g. at a speaker, at a converter, at cable, at an amp or at CISUS itself, the EtherCAI-GPIO Box sends a signal to the controller unit.

Sound Linear's engineer Ralf Giese was responsible for the technical support of the PA systems; Florian Zander and Sascha Merle were responsible for the installation.

Equipment List:
40 x Nexo PS15
8 x Nexo Alpha-EM
18 x Nexo PS8
2 x Nexo PS10
6 x Nexo PSTD-Controller
14 x CAMCO Tecton-38.4 with UCA-ES
3 x CAMCO Tecton-28.2
1 x CAMCO Tecton-24.4
1 x AVM500-ES digital matrix
1 x Auvitran AVY16-ES converter

More information
Sound Linear GmbH - Karl-Heinz Hogrefe
Steinbruch 12
33106 Paderborn
Phone: +40 (0) 5251/77460

AMT Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH
Dipl.-Ing. Ralf-C. Giese
Steller Strasse 4
30916 Isernhagen
Phone: +49 (0) 5136/8786200