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News CAMCO drives the Weihnachtstour Finale
January 2009 - CAMCO amplification was definitely "the Real Thing" in Berlin this Christmas, as 400,000 people attended the finale of Coca-Cola's Weihnachtstour. Sound reinforcement for this massive event was delivered entirely by CAMCO-powered line array systems.

Made internationally famous by those high-profile TV commercials, Coca-Cola's caravan of Christmas trucks visited more than 50 German cities in the run-up to December 25. Enjoying its 12th season, the popular Weihnachtstour culminated in a grand finale at the Siegessäule (the Victory Column) in Berlin, attracting around 400,000 visitors to see live performers such as the Söhne Mannheims, the Golden Gospel Singers from New York, Christmas all over the World and Adoro.

To provide sound reinforcement for this large one-off production, promoters Wohlthat Entertainment GmbH relied on the know-how of Berlin's major event specialists, artecom Veranstaltungs GmbH & Co. KG, who were commissioned to plan systems and provide sound equipment for the main Stage in front of the Victory Column and ten delay towers.

Under the leadership of Johannes Raack, the artecom team braved freezing temperatures to ensure that 400,000 enthusiastic visitors could hear every note of the Christmas songs and carols. Sound pressure levels are carefully monitored in this area of Berlin, and therefore smooth, even coverage of the audience area was the priority - ahead of the rider requirements of headliners, the Söhne Mannheims, which stipulated a high-output system with plenty of subbass support.

As they have done before in this location, artecom decided to use a NEXO GEO T line array system, with CD 18 subs, operating as part of an EtherSound network, entirely powered by CAMCO amplifiers. The full mainstage PA was controlled by EtherSound, left/right arrays of GEO T modules, with CD18s along the front of the stage, GEO S8 elements in the centre, and PS15 cabinets for nearfill, drumfill and stage monitoring.

Ten delay towers were equipped with different NEXO line array solutions, featuring GEO D10 modules with GEO SUBs, GEO S12 modules and S2 subs, and GEO S8 modules also with Alpha subs. In all, artecom deployed more than 140x line array elements and 48x bass bins, requiring over 70x CAMCO amplifiers from the Vortex and DL range to power them, and 39x NEXO TDcontrollers for system management.

A FOH-based EtherSound (ES) network deployed Auvitran (mini-YDGAI) ES cards to control main stage PA (L/C/R, VLF and near-fill) via redundant ES-interconnect. Multiple Yamaha AD8HR provided A/D input conversions to Yamaha PM5D and DigiDesign D-Show Profile foldback and FOH consoles.

Planning / TL-sound technic Johannes Raack
Main Stage - PA operator Michael Schneider
Main Stage - Network operator Peter Sobisiak
Main Stage - FOH operator Frank Ziebetzski
Main Stage - Monitor operator Andreas Tessmann
Main Stage - Stage technician Roman Bröckl, Karl Offelmann, Steffen Klimmt
Delay Crew Alexander Garn, Moritz Huth, Sebastian Socha

For more information:
Wohlthat Entertainment GmbH
Rainer Wohlthat - Jörn Waldhelm