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News CAMCO network rocks the 'Fan Mile'
September 2008 - More than 42 x CAMCO Vortex 6 and a further 10x DL3000 amplifiers powered the massive EtherSound network behind artecom's line-array systems for the legendary `Fan Mile' in Berlin, where audiences of 500,000 fans gathered to watch the final games of the 2008 European Championships.

The fan zone at the Brandenburg Gate is the largest public viewing area in Germany and one of the biggest in Europe, with several giant LED screens and powerful line-array systems for the live sports coverage as well as the concerts, from performers like Christina Stürmer, the Rednex, Mark Medlock, Sydney Youngblood, Die Fraktion, Marquess and Stamping Feet.

The contract for planning and implementation of the entire sound reinforcement system in the Fan Mile was awarded to the Berlin enterprise artecom Veranstaltungs GmbH & Co.KG. The demanding audio specification, especially with regard to the maximum volume limits, was easily met by a Nexo GEO D line-array system, powered by CAMCO Vortex and DL amplifiers. More than 140 line-array modules were used, including cardioid sub-bass units which played a critical role in ensuring that the main PA system output remained within the SPL limits set at the official measuring points.

artecom's main stage PA, consisting of main, centre and nearfill, was controlled via an EtherSound network and monitored from FOH. In addition, all input channels for the FOH and monitor mixer were linked up by Yamaha AD8HR converters and Auvitran EtherSound mini YDGAI cards via an EtherSound network. To provide maximum security , the necessary ES cabling over the long distance between the FOH console and the stage was fully redundant.

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Reinhard Mann / Johannes Raack
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