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June 2004 - UK: Liverpool-based audio and lighting services company Adlib Audio has made a major commitment to CAMCO, the German amplifier manufacturer, taking delivery of more than sixty new Vortex 6 amplifiers for use with its JBL VerTec system. The equipment is being supplied by CAMCO's UK distributor Fuzion plc, and is being seen by Adlib Audio as ''an initial purchase, and part of a major long-term investment''.

''We really feel that the Vortex 6 is the best amplifier on the market for the VerTec,'' says Adlib's Dave Kay, who has spent a considerable amount of time evaluating leading brands. ''The CAMCO shone above every other model that we tested.''

Adlib Audio is sidelining its existing stock of Crown VZ-5002s, principally because of size considerations. ''We needed to save weight, and to free up more space in the trucks,'' explains Kay, ''but also we felt that our system was a bit limited; the VerTec was capable of delivering more power but the amplifiers were not. The CAMCOs are more powerful than the Crown VZs, they are well balanced and the most accurate performers in the lightweight category.''

Adlib Audio sent its engineers to CAMCO's headquarters in Wenden, Germany, for a meeting of engineering minds. Dave Kay reports that they ''were impressed by a compact and efficient operation, and design engineers who aren't standing still, who are up for developing products. We'll get genuine benefits from working and co-developing ideas with someone who wants to listen to us, and that's a situation we might not find with a bigger company.''

Reiner Sassmann, CAMCO's managing director, is delighted to welcome Adlib Audio into the growing network of Vortex users. ''Adlib is a high-profile PA company and the amplifiers are already earmarked for a big international tour which will bring their power and efficiency to the attention of a lot of people who might otherwise have thought of CAMCO as a niche product line. Adlib's endorsement of the Vortex will play a vital role in expanding CAMCO's brand awareness at the top of the market.''

Reiner Sassmann
Tel: +49 2762 4080

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