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News Vortex the party animal
October 2007 - CAMCO's Vortex Series amplifiers powered the huge Olpe Olā Summer Party, staged near CAMCO's own manufacturing facility, where 8000 guests partied alongside performers such as Bellini and the Hermes House Band.

The PA system was supplied by Attendorn-based sound rental company Bassta Veranstaltungstechnik; Vortex 6 amps driving a new Nexo GEO S12 array system, being used for the first time at a big live show in Germany.

Reinier Rietveld, FOH mixer with the Hermes House Band was especially impressed: "I worked with this system before and I must say it's great. Very clear vocals with breathing highs. Tight low-mids and good spreading sub. I must say I was pretty happy about this PA system."

The stage PA included 11x S12 cabinets per side, supplemented by 8x subbass units, all powered by CAMCO Vortex 6 amplifiers. Foldback was via PS15s again powered by CAMCO Vortex 6, and fortified by a PS15 bass bin for side and drumfill.

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