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News CAMCO Tectons installed in concert hall
February 2007 - In Switzerland, ZAP Audio has chosen the Tecton Series of amplifiers for a prestigious sound reinforcement installation in the Victoria Hall in Geneva. As part of a small EtherSound network, the Tectons complement Nexo GEO S loudspeakers and a Yamaha digital matrix.

The 1850-capacity theatre, arranged over 3 levels, has a rich history, including being used by classical record label Decca to make many famous recordings. Today, as well as being a celebrated classical concert venue, the Hall hosts a wide variety of events, including auctions, awards ceremonies, political meetings and concerts of jazz and world music. With its long reverberation time, about 3.5 seconds, there was a pressing need for a PA system for such non-classical events.

This is the first permanent installation that Zap Audio has completed using Tectons: 22.2 models to power the PS8s which are used as delays and in the upper gallery, a 32.4 for the GEO S in the first gallery, and 3x 38.4 units for the main GEO S arrays and subs. "The Tectons are performing well within themselves, because the system is used a quite low levels, and the result sounds fantastic," says Frederic Walder of Zap.

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Frederic Walder
ZAP Audio
Tel: +41 22 340 05 70