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June 2004 - The new Hard Rock Cafā is to have a NEXO PS Series sound reinforcement system, powered by CAMCO, installed into its high-tech glass and steel interior by local sound contractor ElectroLynx. More than half the construction budget is being spent on the audio-video system, reflecting the central importance of music and entertainment in the Hard Rock concept.

ElectroLynx was enlisted in the early design stage of the project, with the architects and technical consultants recognising that some difficult acoustic problems might be caused by the glass structure. The venue, which is shaped like a pyramid, is a challenging environment for live sound, especially because three of the pyramid walls are made entirely of glass.

Fahad Bourisly of ElectroLynx explains that, ''in our preliminary design, we wanted to place the in-fill speakers on the steel structure which hold the glass walls so that the speakers would fire away from the glass walls, towards the diners. But unfortunately we couldn't do that. So we had to move the in-fill speakers to four structural columns located between the pyramid walls and the bar which is located in the center of the pyramid. This would mean that the in-fills would firing towards the diners and the glass wall would create a potential reflection problem. We had to play a little with the height and angling of the speakers to minimize the reflection problem, and consider delaying each cluster in relation to the main speakers, which are located on a concrete wall at the entrance of the diner.''

ElectroLynx has specified a NEXO PS15 system, powered by CAMCO Vortex 6, with NEXO PS8 compact cabinets for in-fills. ''The PS 15 system is very powerful and can easily handle any live performance in the restaurant,'' says Bourisly. ''It also sounds very clean and open when driven at lower volume. We decided to use PS8s for the in-fills because they are so compact in size, very dynamic and their dispersion angle is controllable.'' For live events, stage sound will be provided by 4 x NEXO PS10s.

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