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News CAMCO is in Berlin to celebrate Reunification
January 2007 - Berlin's festivities for the anniversary of Germany's reunification were produced by the firm Wohlthat Entertainment, which commissioned Berlin-based PA company artecom to design and install the powerful sound system required for the celebration concert.

More than 100,000 people gathered around the Brandenburg Gate and along the Strasse des 17. Juni to celebrate the reunification of East and West Germany. On a stage directly in front of the Gate, artists from a wide range of genres from soloists to big bands, from classical and jazz to rock joined in a high-profile concert.

Strict controls were imposed on the event production team, to keep concert sound within pre-set volume limits. At FOH, about 45m from the stage, 92 dBa were allowed during the day and 87 dBa after 10 o clock at night. In addition, specific maximum levels had been set for various measuring points in the surrounding area, the most important of which could be found 150 metres behind the stage: the famous Adlon Hotel. Here, maximum levels of 89 dBA during the day and 84 dBA after 10 o clock were not be exceeded.

Follow the rules and provide the highest possible volume over the entire sound reinforcement target area - this was the brief the artecom professionals had to fulfil. Johannes Raack, responsible for designing and installing the system, decided to use a CAMCO-powered NEXO GEO D Series, as this would guarantee an almost totally even sound distribution across the whole venue, while maintaining a very high rear attenuation.

Speaking after the event, Johannes Raack said, "we are more than satisfied with the very good rear attenuation on the GEO D. There were no problems at all at any of the measuring points - and that's an unbeatable advantage for events in cities and says a lot about new NEXO system. Though we now take the total reliability of CAMCO amplifiers for granted, they really deserve a special mention here, too. Another thing we found really good was the that fact that by using NX242 controllers with Nxtension expander boards in all PA channels, we could control the whole PA system via an Ethersound network and monitor it from FOH for the entire duration of the event."

Responsibility for the on-site monitoring and observance of volume limits was passed on by Wohlthat Entertainment to another Berlin business, Lütronic. And, as expected, there were no complaints that the maximum limits had been exceeded.

PA main system: 2x Nexo GEO D arrays
comprising 2x GEO SUBS and12x D10s)
PA nearfill: 4x Nexo PS15s
PA sub-bass ground: 6x Nexo Alpha S2s
Monitors, floor: 8x Nexo PS15s
Monitors, side-fill: 2x one stack Nexo Alpha M8/B1_18/B1_18s
Monitors, drum fill: 1x Nexo PS15 + 2x Nexo Alpha B1s

Main PA 10x Camco Vortex6/NX242 with Nxtension
Near-fills & sub-bass 4x Camco DL3000/NX242 with Nxtension
Monitors, floor 4x Camco DL3000/Nexo PS15 TD
Monitors, side-fill 4x Camco DX24/NX241
Monitors, drum-fill 1x Camco DL3000/NX241

Planning/TL-sound engineering Johannes Raack